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Tales From My Vagina: Serve To Serve


Everyone in my unit always found Correctional Officer Mackey to be a little off. We could never figure out if he was secretly sadistic or a danger seeker.

Any time there was a shortage of staff C.O Mackey would take the solo shift with the inmates housed in the segregation unit.

We could never quite pin him down. He was physically fit, intimidating even. Very tall, very muscular.

Physically you would want him on your team if we ever lost control of the inmates. He never said too much, never joined any of the other officers for drinks or outside functions. So we left him alone. If he didn’t mind doing checks on his own and no prisoners complained, why should we care.

On an overnight shift I was teamed with him to control a small segregated ward of about 10 cells. This ward contained inmates who were either a danger to other prisoners or who could be targeted by them for various reasons.

We kept these particular convicts on strict lockdown, meaning they were in their cells 23 hours a day with no interaction with other prisoners.

It wasn’t protocol, but my girlfriend was working the same shift in a different part of the prison, and since Mackey didn’t mind, I took a stroll over to visit with her. I told him I would be back within the hour and to call her unit if he needed me sooner than that. As always, it wasn’t a problem.

By the time I got to her unit they were in the middle of a count. Pissed at the timing, I decided to just return to my duty and catch up with her later. I was maybe gone from my post for about 10 minutes, but when I returned Mackey was not at the monitoring station.

I scanned the screens but couldn’t see him. I couldn’t imagine that he would completely leave the post unattended. There were a couple of blind spots the cameras couldn’t view, so before I told on myself and him by sounding the alarm I went to do a quick check on those blinds.

I unlocked the gates, walked down the corridor and turned into the first blind area cautiously. Officer Mackey had his pants down to his knees, back facing the cell, face turned into the wall. The inmate was behind him, totally naked, bitching Officer Mackey from the back.

Shocked, I just froze. Couldn’t believe it. C.O Mackey bent over and taking it through the bars, grunting and moaning. I can’t remember exactly what I said, but I called out something similar to, What the fuck man?!

Mackey jerked, turned toward me in shock. Then he started yelling, “Help me, help me. I’m getting raped man!’ Now come on, really? That was his story and he stuck to it all the way to his permanent disability claim.

Mackey says the prisoner appeared to be in distress and when he went to assist, the inmate grabbed him through the cell bars, turned him around, locked his forearm around Mackey’s throat while using his other arm to pull down Mackey’s pants.

Helpless, this correctional officer of 14 years, was then forced to place his bare ass on the cell bars and take felonious penis in the anus. All actions controlled and forced on him by a weaponless convict, locked up in a cell.



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