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Haynes House Apothecary’s Special Pricing

Haynes House

When you hear a product is all natural, or handmade, you might be like most and think that equals expensive shit. Most times you’d be correct but Haynes House is doing it without price gouging.


I went out to eat at an expensive restaurant (while on a date. I’m not selling poon to pay for something that’s going to come out my asshole in a day or two).  The food was so pretty. Pretty fucking small!


This guy paid triple the price and received less than half the quantity of what we would’ve gobbled down at Olive Garden. Better his pocket than mine, plus he was a pompous asshole so fuck him.



Haynes House gives you larger quantities for half the price of other all natural brands. You can place your order online at here.

It feels like you’re getting free shit, trust me. I only lie to people I’m trying to get naked. And my employer. And the Federales.

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