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Tales From My Vagina: Abracadabra! The Tale of the Amazing Strap-on



I’m a dominant lesbian who loves feminine women. The look of them, the feel of them, yes Mr/Mrs Midwest, the taste of them (gasp). I’ve never had a problem attracting the type of female I like.

I’m clearly a woman, but the way I carry myself? I’m the best of both worlds. A person with that employed thuggish male swagger teamed with killer feminine curves.

That being said, I’m not a slut. I’m that person who is always committed to one person, but when it’s over I’m on to the next. This particular time I was ready for the next.

I was on MySpace when I became friends with her. She was just my style. Open and honest with her sexuality. She had no problem expressing what she liked and what she expected from me as a lover. After a couple of weeks getting to know each other, the time to show and prove was near.

From our conversations I knew that she was lesbolicious to the fullest but enjoyed deep penetration. Curiously, as a full blown 100 percent ‘stud’ I had never used a dildo on a female.

I wasn’t against it; it was just new to me. My community is a small one, so sexual reputation is very important. I did my research first. How did you do it well? What should you get?

I decided on a Doc Johnson harness strap-on with the longest, brownest portable dick I could find. Bonus, it had a vibrator attachment for me! Grabbed some lubricant and went to her crib. Looking back I should have read the instructions and tried it on first.

She was exactly as I expected. Soft, warm, and open. We immediately embraced and got busy. When she had me ready to pop and I had her moaning and begging to be filled, I flipped her on her stomach.

Big, round, pretty ass in the air. While I fumbled putting on my new dick, I kept her in that position and teased her with my tongue.

I couldn’t figure out the damn thing. Triangle straps, buckles, safety belts, and one of those damn beeping whistles that let you know a truck is backing the fuck up!

One leg in, one leg out, a strap up the middle of my ass, I knew I had the shit on wrong. My face in her ass and I’m supposed to screw my dick in the harness?

I pulled her ass up further in the air, grabbed my mechanical dick, screwed that bitch in (I think it was upside down because it curved downward toward the fake dangling balls).

To hell with it! I gave it a few good tugs and it stayed put. I’m good to go. I grabbed the lube, rubbed it over her pussy and all up her ass crack. The more the better, I’m thinking.

Man, as soon as I started plowing her she went wild. Bucking and moaning, telling me to go harder. Even though I didn’t get my vibration going first I was feeling it too. She was taking all 12 inches of this. I put my back into it. Slanging dick all up in her. The harder I slammed into her, the more she screamed, the hotter I became.

I circled and rammed my Doc Johnson into her again. She started convulsing. Again. I pulled out, grabbed her ass cheeks, looked down, and paused. The only thing still attached to me was the harness.

Confused, I looked on either side of her ass. Left, clear. Right, check. I cupped my own vagina. Nothing in there either. She’s still moaning and bucking. I gripped her ass harder. Spread her cheeks apart and bent down. I peered at her hole, but still no plastic dick. Oh shit.

She looked over her shoulder at me. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face in the pillow. Frantic, I gripped her ass tighter and kept thrusting her back and forth. I bent down and sideways, face almost pressed against her ass. I know that dick is in there somewhere.

I covered her completely, using my hips to keep her rocking. “Baby Girl, cough or sneeze for me.” She looked back at me again. “You’re so fucking hot right now, just cough or something. Don’t ask why, baby. Just do it for me.”

I backed up off her but kept her ass moving. She coughed. “Yes! That’s it. Do it again, Girl.” I damn near had my face in her ass again. Shit, I wish I’d kept my glasses on.

She coughed harder. Luckily, I was close enough to see it coming. I ducked to the left. My detachable dick shot like a torpedo out of her pussy and hit the far wall. I should have read the instructions. You can put someone’s eye out like that.


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