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Tales From My Vagina: The Little Vagina That Could


After college I got a very well paid job with an electronics firm. It was a relatively new department for this company so they sent our whole unit to a 6 week long training course out of state.

It felt like college since we occupied an entire floor of our company sponsored hotel accommodations. By week 2 we were acting like college students again, coming in drunk, secret parties in our rooms.

Susan, the director of our department, kept herself very separate from us. The only person she seemed to spend any time with was her skinny, nerdy male assistant Mitch.

They ate together, shopped together, and on one occasion I saw him entering her room very late at night. I really didn’t think anything of it because Susan is a double amputee.

The rumor was that she lost both legs at the hip in a car accident. It could just be me, but as her body consisted of head, torso, and arms I didn’t automatically think sexual dynamo. I was mistaken.

Mitch and I ended up getting drunk together in the hotel bar one night. I innocently asked how laid back is our boss Susan. That’s when drunken Mitch said I was the only male in the group that hadn’t found out.

I asked what he meant by that and he told me to take another shot of Patron and go knock on her door. It was after midnight and I thought he was trying to prank me, but he insisted.

Couple of shots later, my curiosity got the best of me and I knocked. Susan called out that the door was unlocked. Susan sat naked in her bed, seemingly waiting for me.

I quickly tried to excuse myself, but she angled off the bed and swung herself across the floor to me using her arms and her torso as momentum.

Susan had a great pair of upright breasts with long pink nipples and I was mesmerized as she made her ape-like way towards me. She told me that she’d been hoping for company and I was right on time.

She balanced on her vagina and unzipped my pants. Susan gave me the best blow job thus far, sloppy and wet. I held her shoulders to stop her from toppling over when she used her hands on my balls.

I picked her up and set her on my lap in her wheelchair. I wasn’t sure on the mechanics of fucking her, but Mitch’s insistence that I was the only one left out, let me know something was possible.

Susan had me lift her up and place my cock directly into her. I prefer doggy style sex when I have casual flings, but with her lack of legs that was impossible.

As I entered her, she braced her arms on the side of the wheelchair and ‘hopped’ up and down on my dick. With those perfect breasts bobbling in my face and the full access her lack of legs gave me, I was ready to come. That’s when Susan told me to spin her.

I thought she meant turn her so her back was to me and I made to lift her up and turn her torso. Impatiently, she bunched her arm muscles (her guns were way bigger than mine from substituting as legs) and pushed off the side of the wheelchair, twisting her torso as she did.

Wowzers! She spun full circle on my cock. 360 degree rotation on my dick. It was insane. Unique. Great. A spinning pussy.

Enthusiastically, I spun her torso around my cock like she’d never been spun before. Mikhail Baryshinikov’d her ass until she told me I had to stop or she’d be sick from dizziness. Best sex ever.


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