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Boss Hogging

boss hoggingI was enjoying the single life after dating losers, but starting to get a little lonely for a steady man. A friend of mine hooked me up with a guy she knew. She’s telling me he’s everything a girl wants in a man. Someone who can take you out and pay, but he always has chick problems. The girls cheat on him. I know I’m a good woman, time to meet this good man.

Dude was fine. A little husky, well dressed, nice car, a gentleman. We hit it off. He provided for me, and well. Jewelry, clothes, shoes, you name it. For my birthday, he got a lovely hotel suite, dinner, dancing, presents. The whole nine. I’m feeling pampered and loving. It’s time to make this official and make love.
Things got all hot and heavy. I always say to got to give to receive. After I received that fat, juicy tongue all over my vajajay I wanted him in my mouth. He took his pants off, got on top and moved up so his junk would be in my face.

The lights were off by then. I was expecting to find a big shank of man hanging down in my face that I could kiss and suck on. I was wrong.

I couldn’t find that shit. I told him get up and turn on the lights. Told him I wanted to give him head with the lights on so he can watch. Oh my God! That shit looked like the nipple of a baby’s bottle.

I looked at him and said, ‘What the fuck am I suppose to do with that?’ I couldn’t help myself. I cracked the fuck up laughing. He begged for me to give him a chance to show me its not about the size. I told him I’ve taken shits bigger than the size of his dick.

He took me home and I called up my girl to let her know his problem isn’t bad girlfriends or meeting the wrong type of women. It was lack of a dick.

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