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The Education Connection

education connection

My junior year of college and I’m finally living in the upper classman dorms. No more community bathrooms, no more walking five miles to class, no more being stuffed in a 10×10 foot room with 3 other girls. I had one roommate and 2 suite mates.

The first night back at school, after we had gotten unpacked and settled, all four of us decide we should bond over a movie. My roommate invites her friend Todd over and we all pile up on the futon to watch. Todd ends up smashed right beside me. Not that I minded, Todd was a knockout.

This movie had the most erotic and graphic sex scene and I was getting turned on. Somehow Todd must have smelled the pheromones! Under the covers Todd moves his hand down my pajama bottoms and starts rubbing me. It felt nice, so I made no move to stop him. I’m having a hard time not making any noises at all while I’m being fully serviced by his wonderful hand. Just before I was going to orgasm, the movie ended. Lights come on, my roommate and suite mates get up.
The next day, I tell my roommate what happened. She told me that she’d been casually hooking up with Todd when the mood struck. Before I could react our suite mates came in. We told them the Todd scoop. They confessed that over the last two years both of them have casually been fucking Todd too. Apparently Todd was the go to man on campus for cock.

Since my roommate was the kind to go home on weekends, I took advantage. I called Todd and requested his services. His cock wasn’t the biggest I’ve ever seen, although it was nice, roughly seven inches. He was fairly selfish too. He wasn’t interested in eating pussy because it didn’t gratify him. I was scratching my head as to why all these women are flocking to him for sex. I soon found out.

Todd apparently was a First Team All American in the sport of fucking. Todd had stamina and drive like no man I’d ever seen before or since. Todd could literally fuck balls deep, full force, sweat dripping from every where, soaking the bed sheets for hours. It took him hours to cum!

By the time he finally did, a whole bottle of lube had been used. I had lost my voice from screaming so much and it took a half an hour for the room to stop spinning. Todd had many downfalls, no oral reciprocation, no kissing, not much foreplay -hence the lube. But who cared, the boy could fuck. Did I mention he fucks for hours?

My entire junior year played out like that. Since we were all devout Todd fan club members, it was really one stop shopping for him. Knock on the door, and get whoever answers first. After the year ended, we all kind of fell apart. My roommate transferred schools, one of my suite mates got engaged. The other suite mate, to put it politely, got more weird. Todd ended up knocking up some girl who refused to have an abortion. It was sad to see all the good times end, but we’ll always have our Junior year memories.

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