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The Lurk: Bellator Dynamite 2


During the Bellator media call Matt Mitrione’s opponent Carl Seumanutafa proved to be a bashful, yet realistic fighter. When questioned by a media member from another outlet he kept his answers short yet still oddly charming.

mitrione vs carl face off

It’s your reputation that he’s the kind of guy that promoters can call on as a short notice replacement. How does it feel to have a full camp for Mitrione this time?

CS: It feels great. I’m ready to fight.

A lot of the questions have been for Chandler, Mitrione, and Rampage. Do you feel a little overlooked even though you’ve got a major fight on this card?

CS: No. No I’m good. I’m not really good at doing interviews so I’m just sitting here, hoping nobody will ask me a question.

What kind of fight are you expecting with Mitrione, what type of performance do you want to have?

CS: A war. It’s a suicide mission for me.

What do you see as your prospects in Bellator’s Heavyweight division? How far do you want to take it?

CS: The faster the better.

End of interview.

There were sightings of Georges St Pierre at the Bellator Dynamite 2 weigh ins. He is acting as a corner man for a Raymond Daniels on the Bellator Kickboxing card.


One evening early in June, I had a brief Tweet conversation with Michael Chandler about changes that would be welcome in the current weight in rules to help fighters who cut weight have sufficient time to re-hydrate.

screen1 Screenshot_2


The Bellator Fan Fest at Dave and Busters was packed with fans waiting to meet Mo Lawal, Wanderlei Silva, and Benson Henderson. The wait for the meet and greet was lengthy but the drinks at the nearby bar made the hour delay bearable.

Bellator Fanfest attendee at Dave and Busters Jake said the wait to meet Wandy was worth it.

Bellator Fanfest attendee at Dave and Busters, Jake said the wait to meet Wandy was worth it.

During the early prelims fight singer and avid Mixed Martial Arts lover, Demi Lovato was sighted by multiple media members and fans alike.

Like all of us in attendance, she appeared to be equally torn about which fight ring to give her focus Kickboxing or MMA during the tandem prelim fights.

It’s definitely problematic when your focus is on one fight and the crowd is suddenly in an uproar about something that happened in the kickboxing ring. I expect to leave with a severe case of whiplash.

demi Lovato

MMA fan Kelly‘s picture with music star Demi Lovato

Also seen but not heard was veteran Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator President Scott Coker’s favorite fighter Dan Henderson. hendo

Could he be checking out Bellator and contemplating a change in organizations?

After Patricky Freire suffered a knockout in the first round against Michael Chandler in their Lightweight title fight, Chandler jumped on top of the cage in celebration.

10 Michael Chandler V Patricky Pitbull_9501

Michael Chandler knocks out Patricky Freire to win the vacant Bellator MMA Lightweight championship belt.

Missouri is Chandler’s home state and the crowd went wild in celebration. One who did not celebrate, of course, was Patricky’s brother, corner man, and fellow Bellator fighter Patricio Freire.

While Chandler strattled the cage in victory, Patricio angrily confronted him, promising to fight him. At the press conference Chandler said that he told Patricio, “I will kill you.” Pantomiming a slit throat.

Chandler states that it was an emotional moment for him and understands that Patricio was probably emotional too. He dismissed the interaction stating he has no desire to fight featherweight Patricio Freire  and harbors no ill will forwards him.

Michael Chandler celebrates Lightweight championship win.

Michael Chandler celebrates Lightweight championship win at Bellator Dynamite 2 in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Bellator MMA’s Dynamite 2 show is aired live and on Spike TV followed by Bellator Kickboxing. The replay can be seen online.



The Lurk shares information overheard or witnessed at Mixed Martial Arts media events such as; press row, fight corners, promotion’s media days, weigh ins, meet and greets, and the fights attended live.

Keep in mind that this is two steps above blatant gossip and likely are taken out of context, as is the nature of skulking and lurking about to eavesdrop.

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