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Can’t Love Those Hose


While vacationing in Florida I met the most wonderfully amazing man. At first I thought it would be just a vacation fling that was fun, but forgettable.

We got along so well aided by Margaritaville. Once I returned home, I missed him more than I thought I would. Short emails soon turned into long telephone calls.

I felt like we really connected, so those long telephone calls soon turned into weekend getaways every couple of months.

Our first time making love was amazing and I fell more in love with him. On my next trip to see him, he asked me to wear a short skirt and pantyhose for him. He said he really found that sexy. If it turned him on, why not? Especially with him living in the Tropics, he didn’t see women in pantyhose that often.

As soon as I got off my flight, he rushed me home and into the bedroom. He took everything off of me except for the pantyhose. He spread me out on the bed, my legs open wide, and carefully cut a hole in the crotch of my hose.

I thought it was a tad bit odd, but the things he did through that hole had me arching in surrender. After our frenzied lovemaking, we always cuddled and talked for a while. It was then that he told me where his fascination with women in pantyhose began.

When he was about 7 years old he remembers rubbing his Grandma’s leg while she was in pantyhose. He thought she liked it sexually. Fast forward a few years to when he was 12 years old and his grandfather died.

He recalled being very upset at the funeral and his grandmother pulled him to her lap (while she was wearing pantyhose) and he thought she was purposefully teasing him. He wondered if maybe his grandmother was waiting for him to go further than simply rubbing her legs through the nylon. By this point, I was frozen with horror and disgust.

He didn’t seem to notice my body stiffening in rejection and took my lack of comment for encouragement. He led me through his teenaged years when he became fascinated by an elderly woman of about 60 who lived next door.

He broke into their house one evening and stole her pantyhose. Once home, he masturbated repeatedly. Imagining her wearing them, he said, was all he needed to get off. At that, I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I took a long hot shower, trying my best to rub him off of my body. What a sick pervert!

Grandmothers? Jerking off to an old lady’s underwear? I was in love with that? I felt so dirty, stupid, gross, disgusting, and gullible. What the hell was I thinking! I didn’t have a plan on what to say to him.

Honestly, I was still shell shocked when I came out of the bathroom, robe double belted and clutched closed underneath my chin. I walked into the bedroom to find him laying in the middle of the bed. Wearing my pantyhose. Rubbing himself through the filmy material.

“Ready for round two Babe?”




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