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The Question

peeing_boyI work in a retail environment where I meet a lot of different available men. Usually, I avoid dating them so if it goes bad they won’t be able to bother me at my store. I made one exception to that rule.

Nathan was a sexy, fit, blond, blue eyed thirty something. Single, charming, and persistent. We went on a few dates and even though I wasn’t always engaged in the conversation, he didn’t give up. That intrigued me.

The night in question we’d loosened up with several glasses of wine, then went to my bedroom. Things were heating up nicely. He was very good at foreplay and took his time dawdling. I pulled him to me and forcefully took him. He loved it. Kept encouraging me to take whatever I wanted from his body. Groaning, telling me he wanted to give everything he had to me.

I wasn’t that aroused and that made me pause. He wanted to pay me? Give me gifts? I doubt my pussy is that good so I checked to make sure he still had the condom on.  It was on and intact. I let his comments drift in one ear and out the other while I chased my orgasm.

He flipped me over, pulled out and half stood over my naked body. ‘Tell me you want it!’, he demanded while stroking his penis. I’m not really into talking and I was angry that he stopped giving me what I wanted when I was so close to cumming.

‘Want what?’ I snapped.

He pulled off the condom and told me he had a question to ask. That I should think about it seriously before answering, as this would affect the rest of our relationship. I’m thinking to myself, Really? Really? In the middle of getting fucked he has a question?!

“I want to piss on you.’ I stared at him blankly. ” Don’t say no right away!,” he quickly tried to state his case.  “It’s very sterile and safe. I can’t be with someone without being able to pee them.”

“Get out.” Luckily, he recognized the potential violence in the way I jumped to my feet, and placed my fists up. A big breasted, vagina having, Mike Tyson who wasn’t able to bust a nut. I might’ve bobbed and weaved a little as I contemplated being asked to become a human toilet. Nope. Not able.

He didn’t bother getting dressed. Just snatched his slacks in one hand, tasseled loafers in the other and booked. I reinstated my ‘no dating retail customers’ policy.


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