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Fire Crotch

fire crotch

When I was 19 and in college, I came home for Christmas break and out of the blue a guy I went to high school with called me up.

I remember vaguely that in high school I would flirt with him -to annoy his girlfriend at the time, whom I couldn’t stand.

After chatting it up for awhile, he asks me if I would like to go out to dinner with him. Of course I said yes. The next night we went out dinner and he’d gotten even better looking than what I remembered from high school.

He tells me that he’s been working as a fire fighter and EMT. I love men in any kind of uniform. The date went well and we pretty much spend all our time together after that.

About a week into this new relationship, its time to have sex. We start slow and soft -like you’re supposed to do when you aren’t having just a hook up. Things were progressing well, although very vanilla so far.

We were comfortably in the missionary position, body parts started moving a little faster, grinding a little harder. I’m excited and thinking this is going to turn out very well.

Then, suddenly, something started hurting. I let out a small squeal, he stops and asks what’s wrong. I tell him that I don’t know, but something didn’t feel right down there.

He lifts himself up, and starts to slowly remove his nice cock out of me. Blood started gushing out as soon as his penis was completely withdrawn from my pussy.

His eyebrows squinch and he looks at me and asks if I was a virgin. My jaw dropped in shock. Of course I’m not a virgin! Informed him I lost my virginity at fifteen years old. He looked a little less confused and he said it must just be my period.

No, that was 2 weeks ago. So now we are both somewhat confused, and we agree that a trip to the emergency room is in order. Like a perfect southern gentleman, he helps me into his jacked up 4×4 truck and drives me to the ER. I was impressed.

After a lengthy wait in the lobby, I get taken back to an exam room. He comes with me -above and beyond duty in my mind, considering we had only been dating a week.

We chatted awkwardly while waiting for doctors and nurses. When it came time for them to do the actual examination, he offers to wait outside for my privacy. He says he will keep himself busy by talking to the incoming EMT’s since he knows them. I hurriedly agree.

So, the examination of my pussy begins. For the first few minutes it seems to go fairly normal to me until more nurses start coming into the room asking me questions.

They ask me if we were having rough sex. I was puzzled but figured who am I to question what medical professionals ask. No, it wasn’t rough at all. I’ve had it rougher.

The nurses snicker under their breaths and then ask, “Well…is his penis very large?” This question threw me off guard, I paused, and decided to answer truthfully “No, his penis is a nice size, but its not the biggest I’ve ever had.”

By this time, the doctor is done with his exam of me, and tells me quite simply I have a tear in my vagina. That the tear was most likely caused by not enough lubrication.

I let out a laugh and gave the doctor a one eyebrow raised smile. I asked him, “So I have a doctor telling me to use more lube?” He smiles, “Yes, exactly right.” The nurse who had been asking all the sex questions comes in, and starts talking to me about my man.

Apparently out in the ER, she had overheard him bragging to his fellow EMT’s that he had fucked me so good that he had to take me to the hospital. That pissed me off! I asked the nurse if she’d help me teach him a lesson.

She went out, and told him that he could return to my exam room and wait with me for the results. He comes back and sits beside me on the bed, holds my hand gently. The nurse returns with two other nurses. She’s holding my chart and says “I need to ask some questions.”

She repeats the sexual questions she had asked earlier. “Were y’all having rough sex?” I look at my fire fighter, then back at her and say “No, it wasn’t rough at all. I’ve had it rougher.”

I glanced at him and his face is starting to turn a pretty shade of pink. She asks, “Is his penis very large?” I look at him again and then back at her, “No, his is just fine, but I’ve had bigger.”

His face is now the most amazing shade of deep red I have ever seen. The nurse hands me my discharge papers and we leave the hospital.

Oddly enough, when we get to the jacked up 4×4, he doesn’t open the door for me or help me in. The whole ride home his face is deep red and he never says a word.

He dropped me off at my house without saying good night or goodbye. As his truck kicked up gravel from my drive way, I couldn’t help bursting out in laughter.


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