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The Runaway Penis


Somewhere along the year she lost her sexy. Maybe it was depression or just a lack of interest in the current selection. She had completely disregarded her current lover for no apparent reason.

Eventually, after fourteen long months she relented and tried to pull her vagina back from the brink of another year of desertion.

She figured the last lover would do, although the last time they were together really didn’t do it for her. Even though she is no slender willow, she found absolutely no sexual appeal in obese men.

The last time she’d seen him he was about twenty pounds away from that category. But to be brutally fair, she had to take a hard look at herself and admit that presently she wasn’t at her best either.

She invited him over without making her usual effort to be attractive. Ruffled panties and a wife beater was the best she could stir herself to. She did make it a point to tell him that she didn’t feel like having sex. He reassured her, sex wasn’t always necessary between them. It just ended up happening every time.

He came, they talked about life, laughed at each other, and became more friendly as the conversation and drinks flowed. Eventually she felt a faint stir of attraction. His personality was outweighing his physicality. Again, she was very specific about the encounter she wanted.

She told him that he could enter her but not move. She wanted the fullness of him without the aggressive thrusting. Basically and bluntly, she wanted a warm fleshy non vibrating human dildo. He agreed and was accepted. She played with her clitoris while her vagina clamped him and her eyes squeezed tightly shut in order to block the rest of him out.

He moved. She censored him. He stilled again and she continued to please herself. He talked. She frowned, irritated. He moved again. It was over for her. He insisted on making himself known and that wasn’t what she wanted. Interlude over.

She knew she was being extremely selfish, but in her mind she had been honest about what she wanted and how she wanted it done. Frustrated, she thought that if she had some more drinks maybe her sexy self would come to the forefront.

She asked him to wait and drink some more with her. After they got good and tipsy maybe the mutual disinterest would disappear and she could get some doggy style action. He agreed.

She put on some reggae music, hoping that would make her feel her old sexy self. She took the bottle and drank like it was water. After a trip to the restroom she found him standing by the side of the bed, jeans down around his knees, penis out.

It was so not sexy to her. She asked him to please take the jeans off or pull them up. He pulled them up. She drank more, then told him he could service her from the back in just one moment.

She went to the restroom to freshen up. When she came out, the bedroom was empty. She checked the front door and it was locked. She looked out the window and his car was gone.

It was a sad, pathetic case of lost sex appeal coupled with a run away penis.

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