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About 3 years ago I went out clubbing. My sense of direction is completely out of whack so of course I ended up lost. Lost and frustrated. Eventually I saw … Continue reading

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The Question

I work in a retail environment where I meet a lot of different available men. Usually, I avoid dating them so if it goes bad they won’t be able to … Continue reading

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Tell Your Tale

Tales From My Vagina are true stories of dating disasters and sexual hilarity, shared by readers, both male and female.  Share your Tale by filling out the form below. All submissions … Continue reading

December 27, 2016

Black Magic

My family was upper middle class White and they warned me not to marry my extremely poor, lower class White boyfriend. I rebelled. I regret it-regretted it three years after I … Continue reading

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I’m So Wet

A couple of years ago I was speeding down the highway, a nice cocktail in one hand, a Newport in the other. Of course I got pulled over doing 70 … Continue reading

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The Happy Homemaker

I was having a random catch up conversation with an ex co-worker I hadn’t seen in a while. Of course the conversation turned to men, dating, and love. This friend … Continue reading

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Can’t Love Those Hose

While vacationing in Florida I met the most wonderfully amazing man. At first I thought it would be just a vacation fling that was fun, but forgettable. We got along … Continue reading

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Boss Hogging

I was enjoying the single life after dating losers, but starting to get a little lonely for a steady man. A friend of mine hooked me up with a guy … Continue reading

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The Education Connection

My junior year of college and I’m finally living in the upper classman dorms. No more community bathrooms, no more walking five miles to class, no more being stuffed in … Continue reading

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Tales From My Vagina: The Little Vagina That Could

After college I got a very well paid job with an electronics firm. It was a relatively new department for this company so they sent our whole unit to a … Continue reading

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Tales From My Vagina: Abracadabra! The Tale of the Amazing Strap-on

  I’m a dominant lesbian who loves feminine women. The look of them, the feel of them, yes Mr/Mrs Midwest, the taste of them (gasp). I’ve never had a problem … Continue reading

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Tales From My Vagina: Serve To Serve

Everyone in my unit always found Correctional Officer Mackey to be a little off. We could never figure out if he was secretly sadistic or a danger seeker. Any time … Continue reading

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